Tips to Find Work From Home Jobs in 2021

Work from home jobs have become the new normal in the age of digital nomads, remote offices and online opportunities.

Many companies have recognized the cost-saving aspect of allowing employees to work remotely and offer this option to willing candidates. 

The economic benefits extend to the employee as well due to the way working from home reduces wear and tear on your vehicle, cuts job-based expenditures (like lunch money) and, in many cases, totally cancels commuting time.

Moreover, the reasons people may choose to work remotely may range from physical disability to time constraints. 

If you can discipline yourself to keep your own schedule, maintain deadlines and refrain from household distractions during designated working hours, the ability to work from home can greatly benefit you.

In fact, this could be the perfect career solution for single parents, college students or even just folks who want to make a little bit of side money. Find tips for securing the best remote opportunities below.

1. How can I tell the legitimate work from home jobs from the phony ones?

If you want to work from home successfully and in a way that is fruitful for your bank account, the first step is to weed out all the phony home-based jobs out there.

The internet brims with false promises of easy money made from your couch.

With this in mind, avoid any jobs that require or ask for the following:

  • An upfront payment or any kind of enrollment fee
  • Your personal bank account details or tax identification information
  • Your cashing of a check that the “company” sends you to get started 

These are nearly never legit work from home jobs, and will very often cause you legal or financial hardship if you get involved. You can further protect yourself by checking online to see if the company has good or bad reviews.

Make sure to check for CEO or administrative contact information, which is always readily available for real businesses.

Another tell-tale sign of job fraud is when job documents that you receive have excessive grammatical and syntax errors. Many of the scam companies trying to steal your information via the promise of online work from home jobs do not take the time to edit and proofread such documents, hoping that you will simply skim through them.

2. Are there any part time work from home opportunities out there?

Part-time work from home jobs can be found in nearly every career field these days.

Depending on your skill set and scheduling needs, opportunities can vary in pay scale and availability.

Here are a few of the most common part time jobs you can do from home with just a little research:

  • Online English tutor/teacher – Most of the time you do not have to possess a degree to tutor or teach English online, so long as you are a native speaker. 
  • Pet sitter – The popularity of apps like Rover and Wag! have made it possible for you to work with animals when and where you wish, as often or as little as you like.
  • Video blogging (vlogging) – You can turn your best trait or hobby into a fortune if you have the creativity to make interesting videos to attract viewers and sponsorships. 

Some of the best work from home jobs available today offer flexible hours that can be increased or diminished at the employee’s will.

Look for something that suits your interests, but also does not conflict with your full-time schedule, health restrictions, childcare needs or other commitments to make the most of your home-based part time gig.

3. What companies are offering online work from home jobs?

Amazon work from home jobs were some of the first ones available when the digital revolution began, and they continue to represent some of the best positions available in the remote job market.

Call center representatives and human resources professionals continue to be actively hired by Amazon for at-home positions. 

Most e-commerce companies today offer data entry work from home, and finding these jobs is simply a matter of visiting the job board websites.

The following companies ranked among the highest in remote job availabilities for 2019:

  • VIPKid
  • Concentrix
  • Appen
  • Lionbridge

One of the most popular of the legitimate work from home jobs hiring now is that of Search Engine Evaluator.

You could be hired for this job directly through a company like Google or via one of the many job force firms governing the digital job market, such as LeapForce At Home. 

4. What do I need in order to do these jobs where you can work from home?

In order to learn how to work from home successfully, you have to start by understanding what your particular job requires of your material surroundings.

For call center agent or customer service representative positions, an established landline and high speed internet connection are typically mandatory. 

Data entry positions will call for access to a computer and sometimes specific types of software programs. Most of the real work from home jobs involving teaching or tutoring will provide you with the curricular materials that you will be utilizing in your lessons.

However, they may ask that you supplement with books or worksheets of your own. 

Jobs pertaining to accounting and insurance may also require access to a notary public and post office for the official transfer of documents.

Ultimately, the perfect work from home job will be different for every job seeker, but a little preparation and forethought will save you stress.

5. Do I qualify for work from home jobs near me in my current professional field?

Even certified professionals who are already working in professional fields can inquire about remote positions within their current companies. For example, work from home nursing jobs represent one of the highest paid remote positions on the market today. 

Health insurance companies hire trained nurses for telephone gigs involving patient education and case management. The same trend can be seen in the insurance, accounting and IT industries. Having an established degree or pre-existing work experience in the remote position for which you are applying can only increase your chances for getting hired and raise your salary expectations.