5 Best Nursing Jobs of 2020

Nursing jobs remain one of the most popular and rewarding career paths available today. Almost as many different types of nursing opportunities exist as patients who need nursing. This means that if you are actively looking to join the nursing field, you have a multitude of specialized options to choose from, and all pay well. 

Everything from travel nursing jobs to home-based services, all the way to part-time positions await the right candidate. How can you tell which nursing career path is right for you? Read on for recommendations about the most popular jobs within the nursing field, and consider where your particular interests and career goals could prosper best.

1. Work From Home Nursing Jobs

What many job seekers don’t realize is that many of today’s nursing jobs are available as work-from-home positions. While many may wonder about what a nurse can do from home, the continual growth in remote positions for all fields has not skipped over nursing. 

In fact, it has presented registered nurses with a variety of new possibilities. The following represent the most common nurse practitioner jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home:

  • Case Manager – Hospitals and clinics employ at-home nurses to handle data files on patient symptoms, treatments and general care histories. 
  • Medical Call Center Agent – Use your nursing background to help others over the phone by working for one of the telephone triage services that have become extremely popular in recent years.
  • Legal Consultant – Nursing careers can now serve patients in litigation by providing lawyers with medical information and exam expertise.

Nurses now also frequently provide telecommunication services for insurance companies like Aetna. Some even get hired to participate in sales and medical review positions, all of which can be done remotely. 

2. School Nurse Jobs

Student nurse jobs may appeal to you if working with children and other young patients sounds like your area of expertise. Nursing positions at schools typically fall in the mid-range of the pay scale for overall nursing salaries. 

However, they have the benefit of allowing successful candidates a bit more leeway in setting up their practices. This is because there tends to be no more than two school nurses per building at any given job site. 

The nursing assistant jobs you can get in a school system may differ from those offered at hospitals or privately owned clinics. This is because your daily job requirements are often dictated specifically by the school board. 

Getting a nursing position in a school generally includes health education for the students, parental interaction and exposure to a wide range of differing codes of conduct from region to region.

3. Nursing Home Jobs

If kids are not your niche but you are interested in working with the elderly, a nursing home job might be the place for you. Orthopedic and geriatric nurses find rewarding and lucrative careers serving senior citizens in care facilities. 

The median salaries for these types of nursing positions routinely resting at or above six figures. As such, jobs available to nurses in senior care also represent some of the best paid jobs in the field today. 

If you are now thinking, “Where are the nursing home jobs near me?” you might start by contacting the orthopedic wards of your local hospitals. There you can find out where surgery patients go for temporary or permanent rehabilitation services post-surgery. 

You can also get your foot in the door by volunteering to help as a nurse researcher. In this position, you organize and compile medical data on the facility’s behalf a night or two per week.

4. Nursing Informatics Jobs

Perhaps you want a nursing job in one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry, involving information and documentation. A job in nursing informatics can offer you an incredible range of options. 

These nurses handle the integration of important medical documents and clinical analyses, and generally facilitate the charting process across multiple healthcare providers. Though informatics can be included in the nursing jobs from home category, they can also be found in the following common work sites:

  • Research laboratories
  • Public health firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Nursing homes

The demand for nursing informatics jobs is expected to rise significantly over the next five years. As a result, this branch of the field represents a place both new nursing graduates and veteran nurses can expect significant increases in job options and security.

5. Registered Nurse Jobs Serving Women

One of the highest paying nursing jobs on the market right now is that of a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). Nursing positions serving pregnant or postnatal women are on the rise. 

All aspects of family planning, women’s health, birth control, birth procedures and postpartum matters fall under these nurses’ duties. Neonatal nurses often work in close conjunction with CNMs to: 

  • Ensure the proper care of premature infants.
  • Facilitate interactions between mother and child during monitored incubation periods. 
  • Provide research-based information to the medical community and the public at large. 

Nursing careers centered on female health make up one of the most progressive areas of the medical disciplines in the contemporary world. 

How do I find nurse practitioner jobs near me?

Live vacancies in every kind of nursing job imaginable are posted daily on the job boards for local hospitals, clinics, school board websites, nursing homes and insurance companies. In addition to general job search websites, many nurse-specific job sites provide listings as well. These require nothing more than an email subscription in order to receive a weekly update on all relevant job postings in the field of your interest. If you’re looking for the current highest paying nursing jobs out there, consider a position as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Ultimately, each branch of nursing contains its own unique demands and requirements. As such, make sure to consider your interests, scheduling needs and particular credentials when seeking work in the nursing field.