5 Easy Ways to Get Cheap Cable and Internet

Searching for a cheap high speed internet service or a cheap cable service often seems like a huge ordeal.

However, with the right preparation, you can reduce both your frustration and your bill.

There are several ways that you can lower your current service bill or obtain a more competitive price from the competition, whether you try bundling services, signing a contract or negotiating with your service provider.

The more you understand the options that are available to you, the more likely you can increase your savings on the services you want. While some opportunities may take a little bit of research, these savings are well worth the time spent.

A reduction as low as $20 a month would reduce your expenses by $240 each year. Discover some simple ways to take advantage of these savings below.

1. Purchase Your Router and Modem

One of the simplest ways to obtain cheap internet service is by choosing to purchase your own router and modem. Most internet providers charge customers between $10 and $15 each month to rent equipment.

While a purchase will require additional money up front, you could potentially save between $240 and $360 within two years by avoiding these rental fees. 

Modems and routers can be purchased directly from a provider, online or through local stores. However, it is crucial that you learn which modems and routers will support your current service if you intend to purchase outside of your provider.

Additionally, your provider may not offer troubleshooting on a router or modem that you did not purchase from the company. 

2. Find Cheap Cable and Internet Packages to Save 

You can find cheap cable and internet packages by reviewing each of the providers that service your area. Depending on where you live, you likely have access to anywhere between one and four providers. Each provider will offer different price points and services, especially when it comes to new customers. 

Not only can you save more by bundling your high-speed internet and cable services together, but agreeing to a contract can potentially reduce your bill significantly. When considering a contract, it is crucial that you learn more about any fees that you might have to pay should you cancel before your contract period ends. 

3. Reduce Your Cable and Internet Packages for Extra Savings

When reviewing cheap cable options, you need to consider your current package to determine whether or not you could reduce your channels to obtain additional savings.

Often, customers find themselves stuck in a higher tiered cable package for one or two channels they do not want to give up but are those channels worth an extra $20 to $50 a month?

Similarly, you can find cheap internet service by reducing the speed of your internet. While more and more providers now offer high speeds of 100 Mbps or more, most households do not need or use nearly that high of a speed. 

4. Enjoy Cheap Cable TV by Reducing Extra Services 

If you are searching for cheap cable, you have likely taken a look at your bill recently. Maybe you have experienced a sudden increase in price, or perhaps your bill has slowly snuck up on you over time. 

Most cable providers nickel and dime you for additional services outside of your package.

Moreover, free promotional services may raise your bill once the promotional period ends. Miscellaneous charges add up too. 

For example, most companies will charge you a fee per TV that you have cable hooked up to. This fee might range from $3 to $12 per TV per month. Additional services that you may be paying for include DVR services and premium channels. 

5. Negotiate Additional Savings With Your Provider

Another way you can obtain cheap internet service and cheap cable services from your current provider is by negotiating your current price.

One of the most common reasons for bills to suddenly increase is due to the expiration of a contract. 

However, most providers have deals available for existing customers that can help you to reduce your bill, especially around certain holiday seasons.

You can also inquire as to whether or not you qualify for any additional discounts.